World of Roshar

Spren and Blood

The last session began with an escort mission of the camp scholars to the regional capital to do some additional research on spren.  Several had been seen around camp that are rare or displaying odd behavior.  The flamespren that follows you, for instance, is common, but it was wandering freely and not acting much like a flamespren.

Upon arrival, Jason competed in an Alethi style All or Nothing dueling tournament.  He won, with an epic max damage critical that clenched a very close final, taking the 10,000 sphere prize.  Lane cleaned up on a gambling circle and Carlos won big by betting on Jason.

The scholars refused to say what they found until Lane persuaded one of them against their natural 1, so you discovered that spren associations like this are associated with the Knights Radiant according to old text, and therefore viewed as evil.  It's been decided to cease advertising these associations (wisely).

Between Than and the scholars, each spren has been identified (although no attention was paid to yours as it seemed the most obvious).  Jason is followed by a Highspren, an  aspect of law and authority.  Lane is followed by a Truthspren, more commonly know as a liespren, who is drawn to the manipulation of truth.  The details of that get philosophical.  Carlos is followed by a Cultivationspren, an aspect of growth and healing.  The flamespren follows you.

Spren don't speak, but Lane's whispered "death" occasionally to him, which he really didn't appreciate.  One day, while hunting alone, Carlos's whispered "run" to him.  He witnessed a pair of Alethi scouts get run down and killed by light cavalry from Jah Kaved, and spotted an army 10,000 strong cresting the horizon.  He tried to run, but the horsemen were closing on him.  When they were almost upon him, he had a burst of energy and outran the horses back to camp.

He warned the camp of what he saw, and preparations were made, but 1500 light spearmen and archers were no match for a force of 10,000 mixed infantry, archers, and cavalry.  They were ordered to the command building to defend the critical support personnel to their last.  They made a very effective choke point and killed a great number of hostiles at the cost of most of Jason's spearmen until the assault on their position waned.
Lane decided to don the uniform of a hostile spearman and go out to see what was happening.  He saw a full shardbearer of house Kholin outside along with a contingent of royal guards pushing the enemy back.  Alethi heavy cavalry and infantry were all in the mix pushing the invaders back.  The shardbearer saw Lane emerge from the command building on a hostile uniform and charged him, but he ran back inside and threw off the uniform.
The shardbearer was revealed to be Prince Adolin, cousin to the king and son of Highprince Dalinar Kholin.  He ordered them outside and an ardent soulcast the civilians inside behind them.  They survived a final cavalry charge and fought beside the prince and guards to end the final push.

Ship Wrecked

While you were on your journey, you had plenty of time to study that shell as well as study under Than.  Due to your studies with Than, your gained your first functional level in Stormwarden.  Due to being one of the few people alive to be outside during a high storm and even HIT by the storm wall, you've gained rare knowledge on the realities of the storm.  This increases your Stormwarden skill to 2

Than, meanwhile, has become obsessed with spren since having been rescued by the giant spren in the ocean and spends most of his free time studying them.

Your research into the shell has provided you with a lot of knowledge on their design and construction.  Combined with your experience of the storm, it makes sense how the hard, but non-brittle material of the shell would provide a degree of protection from the storms.
Large debris would still smash the shells, so you surmise they would still have to hide like everything else


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